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After ten years as a social worker, Elizabeth “Liz” Brown was well aware that homelessness and despair were often the unintended consequence of emancipating foster care youth at age 18.  When she founded Turtle Nest Village, she made a commitment to provide foster care youth with the resources and training they need to live and thrive on their own. 

Turtle Nest Village joined FCAA in December 2007 because the organization was also committed to repairing the system. Says Liz, “As important as it is to deliver direct services, I think it is also important to be an advocate for change at the local, state, and federal levels. The more hands we have joined together, the stronger we can be.”

Through their membership in FCAA, Liz and her colleagues stay engaged in FCAA’s work to transform state and federal policy and practice. Her organization also encourages all its young clients to join FCAA and connect with the larger foster care alumni community.

Looking to the future, Liz identifies the larger, national network of FCAA as a particularly valuable asset of her membership. “It will be great to have direct lines of communication with other members, and share service models or advocacy strategies that are working.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Turtle Nest Village was created to fill the space between childhood and adulthood
with a safe place former foster kids can call home. For more information, contact

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